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Document Manipulation and Organization

CEErtia offers a powerful document manipulation and organization feature that allows users to upload unstructured documents in a single PDF file or multiple PDFs without any specific naming or order requirements. The AI then separates each page of the PDF and creates a new PDF for each document within it. The AI also groups the PDFs based on binding keys that are set, such as project or document type.

This feature provides immediate feedback if any document is missing or incomplete, saving countless hours for employees who would otherwise have to do the tedious task of document organization manually. By organizing documents accurately, CEErtia ensures that users can quickly and easily access the information they need, streamlining their workflow and improving productivity.

What’s more, our powerful search and indexing tools make it easy for you to locate specific documents, even if you have a large collection of files. You can easily search for documents by keyword, date range, or any other criteria, making it easy to find the document you need in seconds.

Additionally, our Document Manipulation And Organization feature is fully integrated with our other features, including Compliance Verification, Data Accuracy, and Document Upload and Processing. This allows you to manage your entire document processing workflow from a single, unified platform.

With CEErtia, you can ensure that your document processing is streamlined, efficient, and easy to manage.

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